The first consumer credit card powered by employers

Higher perk adoption, instant expense management, simple benefits access, and much more

Available to all of your employees
Hypercard in a horizontal format
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Perks for you, Perks for them

Empower yourself and your team with Hypercard

Higher perk utilization
Frictionless integration of perks
Housing perks on our card makes using them as easy to use as a swipe
Cost savings through our benefits
Save costs through easy adoption
Increasing utilization, increases retention saving retraining and rehiring costs
Hours saved waiting for reimbursement
Instant reimbursements go far
Hypercard waits to be reimbursed by your finance team so your employees do not have to
Aligning incentives

When your employees win, you win with them

Hypercard aligns incentives to create a win-win solution for your team

Increased perk engagement leads to higher retention
Frictionless vehicle to view and redeem company perks while earning points
Save costs by leveraging our card membership benefits
Access to exclusive lifestyle-wellness perks, restaurant benefits, cardholder insurances, and more
Fewer corporate cards reduces corporate mispending
Immediate reimbursements with our in-app expense management solution
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White glove experience

We made the card, so you can take the credit

Hypercard revolutionizes how companies treat their employees.

Easy implementation
Seamlessly connected integrations for maximum efficiency
24 7 Concierge
White glove service
Premium customer service always a tap away
Reduce corporate fraud
Personal credit cards protect your company from fraud
Expense management

Give finance the week off

The ease of corporate cards combined by expense management oversight in a consumer credit card. By integrating your existing expense management solution, we offer prompt reimbursements, eliminating the need for employees to wait or lend money to their employer. This also reduces widespread corporate card distribution and curbs corporate misspending.

Transaction reimbursement approved!
New York Onsite
Flight costs
JetBlue Airlines
Team Merch
Team swag for offsite in September. Got new sweaters, and shirts for the design team. 32 items total.
2 receipts attached

Specially forged for your company

Make an impression with a custom metal card, designed for your business

Employees can choose our card
Custom made for Galileo employees only
Galileo card
Custom made for your employees only
"The next revolution for benefits is here"
Sam Altman
Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI
"The next revolution for benefits is here"
Sam Altman
Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI
"The next revolution for benefits is here"
Sam Altman
Sam Altman
CEO of OpenAI
Worry free offboarding

When your employees move on, we move with them

Rest easy knowing that when an employee moves on, their card will be seamlessly transitioned to a personal card.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get support from our white glove service team.

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What happens when an employee leaves my company?
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Hypercard offers worry free hands on off-boarding. When your employee departs your company, their card will be seamlessly transitioned to our white Hypercard Rewards card which will house only the native perks offered by Hypercard. All financial obligations will continue to smoothly be transferred to the personal card without any disruption.

Why should our company partner with Hypercard?
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Hypercard introduces a groundbreaking technology that offers instant expense management and frictionless perk redemption, resulting insignificant time savings and maximizing employee retention. Firmly committed to compliance, we are FDIC insured and employ uncompromising security protocols.

What types of perks can we have on Hypercard?
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Most perks offered by your company to your employees can be housed on Hypercard. Additionally, we have curated an extensive selection of high-fidelity perks spanning from health/wellness to leisure and entertainment, even featuring benefits from some of the most exceptional restaurants in each city.

What happens if my company offers a very limited amount of perks?
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Hypercard’s own out of the box high-fidelity perks will offer you the perfect resource to maximize employee sentiment and retention effectively. Furthermore, our instant expense management feature will enable your company to save time, which can be redirected towards other critical areas of your organization to propel your company to new heights.

What will happen if a cardholder/employee is late with payments or defaults?
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Our product is a standard credit card and such, they assume personal responsibility for our cards. We work with our underwriting team to ensure that folks can safely be underwritten and that our cardholders can safely use our products.

What kind of support should we expect from Hypercard?
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Our 24/7 support team comprises highly experienced professionals with decades long proven track record of delivering superior customer service. Our support channels include phone and email, where all concerns are addressed urgently and to complete satisfaction. Our technical support engineers are some of theforemost experts in their field, ensuring the seamless and secure operation ofour card.

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