The first employee consumer credit card

A no-fee metal credit card housed with your best company benefits. Let your employees love you both in and out of the office.


Remind your employees why they chose to work with you in the first place.


Let your perks be more than just a marketing tool. Leverage them with Hypercard to increase retention and employee satsfaction.

All your benefits + ours into one card

$25 credit a month
$25 credit a month
$25 credit a month
$20 credit a month
lounge access in 35 countries
additional perks
Kenan Saleh
The Lyft card is basically a free Amex Gold
Dan Macklin
This card is the perfect fusion of corporate-consumer utility
Michael Sanz
Our Lula card helped us craft a deeper relationship with our employees
John Pleasants
Corporate fraud went down sizably when we moved to the Hypercard network

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The first employee
consumer credit card